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: Sendo X News :

Motorola sets sights on Sendo's Technology
Motorola Buys Sendo's Assets

30 June 2005
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Motorola said on Wednesday it plans to buy key assets including engineers and technology patents from privately held mobile phone maker Sendo, which has gone into financial administration, a form of bankruptcy protection.

Motorola, the second biggest mobile phone maker in the world, said it would take on Sendo's 200 core research and development team in order to improve its ability to tailor phones specifically for individual mobile network operators.

Motorola did not reveal the terms of the deal, which includes test equipment and Sendo's entire intellectual property portfolio of about 50 existing technology patents and 40 pending patents.

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Sendo adds music mobile to its play list - Sendo X2

State-of-the-art digital music player, one touch access to music and phone, expandable memory

14 February 2005 Sendo X2

The sleek Sendo X2 Music Phone, announced today, is a state-of-the-art digital music player that doesn’t compromise on phone features or usability. The bold new phone is the first in a series of innovative mobile entertainment devices from Sendo.

The Sendo X2 boasts high quality sound direct from the phone or through the included stereo headset. It supports the hugely popular MP3 format and offers easy transfer of music from a PC over Bluetooth or USB, so that users have instant access to all of their music. Plus, the Sendo X2 is one of the first phones to support the high-quality, efficient AAC and AAC+ music formats adopted by the mobile industry as standards. Also, the Sendo X2 offers protection to music sellers and content owners with advanced Open Mobile Alliance digital rights management. Most importantly, tapping in to all of these features couldn’t be easier.

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Looking for the Sendo X?
Then look no further. You've found the #1 source for Sendo X information. Whether you're looking for reviews, release dates, or accessories, we've compiled all the information into one source. We're even going to have downloads when the phone is released.

Our Sendo X review features information gathered from multiple sites. It reviews the hardware, software, styling, and the detailed specs of the Sendo X. Be sure to check out our online community. Chat with other Sendo X enthusiasts and get the latest information about the smartphone. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter and be the first to hear about new information.

We've also compiled some information about the Sendo X accessories. There you will be able to read about the four accessories that will be released with the smartphone, including the bluetooth headset. We're also working on getting downloads available for when the Sendo X is released.

If you have any comments or suggestions please leave a message in our online community. We hope you find a valuable resource for all your Sendo X questions and desires.


Java GamesAbout the Sendo X
Sendo first released information about the Sendo X in October of 2003. Since then there has been little new information about the smartphone. With the release date unknown, we can only speculate on the true quality, and standards of the phone. Below is some quick information on the phone. If you would like a full review of information found around the web please see our review section.

The Sendo X is a technological breakthrough. Based on Nokia's 60 Series platform and Symbian software, this phone has a ton of features packed into a small pocketable phone.

- Built-In VGA Camera/Camcorder
- RealOne MPEG Player
- Mp3 Player
- 64 Voice Ployphonic Ringtones
- Built-In Speakerphone
- Bluetooth, Infrared, & USB Connections
- Calendar, Contacts, & Tasks Organizer
- 32mb for Pics, Vids, Mp3's, Games, & Ringtones
- Voice Recognition and Memo Recorder
- Full Specs...

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